Mary Poppins showed me my first snow globe in a movie. Although in this case the snow is transformed into birds fluttering around St Paul’s cathedral. Years later, I found the snow globe that, in black and white and in the foreground, shatters when it falls from the hand of one of the most powerful cinematographic characters, Citizen Kane. These two snowballs, so different, became icons for some generations, and also for me.

Here you can see different snow globes in movies and series that serve for the character to evoke dreams, illusions, or connect with happy moments in his or her life. In short, objects that make them live a magical moment.

As the Maltese Falcon, snow globes are made from the stuff dreams are made of…


Scenes from movies and TV series starring this magical object .

The villagers of Halloween will never understand what Christmas is.

Tommy Whestphall built his own world inside a snow globe.

W. Foster is enraged when the Nazi salesman breaks the gift for his daughter: a snow globe.

Mary Poppins with her magic turns snowflakes into birds.

Kath is waiting for love to fill her snow globe.

Johann Thannhauser, a kingpin obsessed with his snow globes and killing his enemies.

Stuart prefers a guitar to the snow globe that Her Majesty the Queen gives him as a prize.


What if you suddenly found yourself living in a snow globe?

A falling snowball signals the death of one of the greatest characters in cinema: Ch.F. Kane. Kane.

Jealousy caused the evil Paul to end up locked in a snow globe.

It does not appear that the Mr. Plow is going save Hommer Simpson’s business.