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Snow globes in engravings. Specialists in this technique who have found inspiration in snow globes and also affordable carved stamps for all pockets that you can use on cards, wrappers, scrapbooking creations. I encourage you to take a look at them !!


Andrea Lauren

The idea of making a post dedicated to snow globes in engravings arose almost a couple of years ago when surfing on Internet I came across one of the creations of Andrea Lauren.  An engraving and printing artist whose creations are inspired by nature, folk tales and her childhood memories.

SNOW GLOBES IN ENGRAVINGSOf British origin, Andrea Lauren has been living in the United States for years. Her works are characterized by the meticulousness and level of detail even when it comes to seemingly simple motifs. The starting point is always a hand drawing that is later transferred to a linoleum block or, as in the case of the prints we see here, rubber. Once the transfer is made, the carving takes place, which in the case of this creator requires a special skill since most of her creations are full of very small motifs. Inking each piece of the drawing and printing complete the process.

One of the aspects I like in this artist’s creations is the combination of different coloured inks. In this case, Andrea Lauren carves a piece for each of the colours used, although there is always one of them that acts as the dominant one. If you are interested in learning more about the process and other of her many works, be sure to read this interview. Over time, Andrea Lauren’s prints have been used to illustrate a wide variety of products such as fabrics used in clothing, household linen and accessories such as lamps and cushions of different brands.

Childhood and nature

Like most of her work, the snow globes-inspired prints that illustrate this entry have a naïve and endearing quality that connects us at the same time with childhood and nature. As I mentioned at the beginning of the entry, both are sources of inspiration for the author. And I must admit that I particularly like that coloured animal, a cat, a fox? that is running in front of the house.

In addition to showing their work, on her website Andrea Lauren offers classes on engravings at different levels including zero. She also offers information on materials, utensils, papers and resources in general for engraving. If you feel like it, you can follow on her Instagram account @inkprintrepeat


Sue van Gageldonk

Of a very different style is this snow globe in the engraving made by Sue van Gageldonk , a Dutch artist specialized in linoleum engraving, a facet that combines with bicycle messaging, an activity that is present in some of her works. “The hours on the bike are a welcome change in the lonely artist’s existence. The nose in the wind and the bag in the back provide a breath of fresh air to my head and everything I encounter on the way is a source of inspiration for me.


Sue van Gageldonk draws her inspiration from the animal kingdom and nature, a trait she shares with Andrea Lauren. However, his style is completely different. Van Gageldonk prefers the contrast between black and white, light and dark. The “snow globe” that illustrates this post contains a whirlwind of wind and snow that surrounds the rest of the elements. The work is A5 in size and it is an edition of 20 signed and numbered engravings. S. van Gageldonk is present on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram: @suevangageldonk.


Tina Hagger

Phthalo blue representation of Oyster House and a Thames barge , is the title of this engraving of Tina hagger in which the snow globe encloses a landscape of your locality. Hagger is a British creator also known as HaggyTea, and she is specialized in linoleum. Birds are one of the most frequent motifs of her inspiration, but her creations also abound in representations of places and buildings in their surroundings, as is the case of the snow globe in the engraving that illustrates this post. In her online shop you can find small and medium size prints at affordable prices. You find her on social networks: @handmadebyhaggytea and @haggytea



Snow globes in easy-to-get engravings

Not everyone can be an artist and recreate a snowball in a print, so I bring here some very affordable options that you may like if you practice scrapbooking, want to use them as ex libris, in labels or just want to have them in case one day you have the chance to use them.

In all cases they are readily available. Outside the pre-Christmas season they may be out of stock but in the last quarter of the year they are back in circulation. On the Internet you can search for these or similar models in DesertStampShop (at the time of writing this post the price of the model in the image was from 6,25€ to 10,42€ plus shipping and handling). Another option is TheKeris, which also accepts custom orders.


The Florilèges Designs stamp measures 8 x 6 cms. On the page itself you can buy it directly or find out about the distributors in Spain that work with this brand. Finally, the model on the left (Sellos de Lacre) measures 4 x 4 cms. and its price is 6,90€ plus shipping and handling.



You can do it too

It is possible that if you like crafts and have read this post about snow globes in engravings, you have been bitten by the bug to make your own engraved stamps and then transfer them to paper. Just in case I show you a tutorial by Kristy Warren.

There are many tutorials on the Internet on the subject but I find this one very complete as it starts with a description of the tools you need and explains step by step how to make a simple basic one.True, it doesn’t look much like the engravings we’ve seen, but as Tina hagger says “love of the medium, an eye for design and tenacious character is far more useful in linocut printmaking “.


If you feel like it …

In this blog you’ill find other posts about tutorials and surprises related to snow globes. And also in Ideas



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