From classic Hollywood to the most current series.

Here you can watch movies and series in which a snowball makes a character evoke dreams, illusions, or connect with happy moments in their lives. In short, a simple snowball makes them live a magical moment.


Like The Maltese Falcon, snow globes are made of the stuff that dreams are made of…


Scenes featuring this magical object. From classic Hollywood to the latest series.

The Lovely Bones. Susie Salmon is worried about the penguin inside the snow globe.

Can you imagine a snow globe as a weapon in an intriguing plot?

The Young Sheldom. George wants to get rich from Texas snowballs.

For Randall Pearson, a snow globe is the best way to say Thank You! 

The Halloween villagers will never understand what Christmas is.

Tommy Whestphall built his own world inside a snow globe.

W. Foster is furious when the Nazi salesman breaks the gift for his daughter: a snow globe.

A snow globe is all that remains to writer Walter Benjamin of his previous life

Breaking Bad – El Camino. While searching the house, Casey finds the snow globe that Todd, the alchemist, has been making.

Kath is waiting for love to complete her snow globe. 

The snow globes that Nick Pearson had so lovingly made end up in a trash can due to the ban on liquids on the plane. 

Johann Thannhauser, a psychotic criminal obsessed with his snow globes and killing his enemies.

Stuart prefers a guitar to the snow globe that the Queen gives him as a prize. 


After his suicide, the snow globe that was Walter Benjamin’s entire past is found in his room. 

What if you suddenly found yourself living in a snow globe?

A falling snow globe marks the death of one of cinema’s greatest characters: Ch.F. Kane.

Jealousy caused the evil Paul to end up in a snow globe.

It doesn’t look like Mr. Plow’s announcement is going to save Hommer Simpson’s business.

With her magic Mary Poppins turns snowflakes into birds. 

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